What are the benefits of blogging for business?

As indicated by Bill Gates in a speech at the Microsoft CEO Summit 2004 in Redmond, Washington: “if you just put information on a Web site, then people don’t know to come visit that Web site, and it’s very painful to keep visiting somebody’s Web site and it never changes. It’s very typical that a lot of the Web sites you go to that are personal in nature just eventually go completely stale and you waste time looking at it… And so, getting away from the drawbacks of e-mail — that it’s too imposing — and yet the drawbacks of the Web site — that you don’t know if there’s something new and interesting there – this [blogs & RSS] is about solving that.” 

  • Build Community
  • Easy Web Publishing Solution
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings
  • Lower Costs
  • Better Communications

What are the benefits of blogging for small business? [about.com]


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