Without a plan the blog is going to fail within three months. Period

A plan is needed to ensure success, survey respondents said.

“Without a plan the blog is going to fail within three months. Period,” another study respondent said.

A blog plan should address:

–What’s the goal? What’s the focus? Who is the audience? How do you measure success? Will it lead to income?

–A commitment to fresh, frequent posts and a recognition of the time commitment. Nearly a third of the survey participants spend one to three hours a day on their blog.

–A blog is a conversation, an invitation to discuss issues.

–A public policy regulating discussions, including how to deal with negative comments.

–For corporations, legal teams and communications teams must work closely to reduce approval times for posts.

Study: Businesses should adopt blogging strategies [tmcnet.com]


Blogging for international business

Raw idea: to create an english web blog for your business is a great idea if you target international market. It is also much easier than create an english version of complete website (for those who is neither in England nor in US, but for example in Germany, like we), especially if the web site is complicated and has much content. On the other side, a blog needs less start time/money investing, but it needs standing efforts. Any way with blog you could expose your business much better to potential customers in other countries and add value to your native language web site.

Minimum to start professional blog

Ahmed Bulil (performancing.com) about minimum requirements:

If you want to start a professional blog, here’s the absolute minimum that you need:

1. A profitable topic that is in demand
2. A unique angle to your subject that will differentiate you from your competition
3. A willingness to learn and follow instructions
4. Web hosting and domain name
5. A determination to see your project through the tough times
6. A focus on building a regular readership – on bringing eyeballs to your blog and then on making sure they come back for seconds (RSS subscriptions)

I think the 4th is not the-must, we can go with wordpress.com for example or typepad. Take a look Scobleizer! 

via http://performancing.com/node/2800